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Have you been looking for a platform that provides latest information and business news around the world on a single platform? If yes, then you have come to the right website. PRBooklet is a multipurpose news platform which provides press releases, articles, news and blogs on a single platform. We believe in free transformation of knowledge and information and considering the same we have come with an idea of PRbooklet to help our readers and publishers/authors to exchange knowledge freely.

The users can now submit their press releases, blogs and articles free of cost and enjoy unlimited publications on PRBooklet. Not just that, you can now generate leads for your content right from where you have posted your article, blog or a press release.

Here’s a good news for the companies that wish to promote their content and blogs or product listings/descriptions for free and get the customers speaking to you directly, now you can simply publish your press release or blog and PRBooklet will help the readers directly contact you right from your blog.